Our vision is to see everyone in Smith County hunger-free and well-nourished

We’re here to change the way we take care of our neighbors and our entire community.

About the Smith County Food Security Council

We’re on a mission to end hunger and improve health

Hunger is not always a visible issue. Your neighbors may be struggling, and you won’t be able to tell. Did you know that food insecurity is experienced by many people with service jobs in Smith County, such as child care workers and fast food employees?

Dr. Valerie Smith, the founder of Smith County Food Security Council, is in a unique position where she witnesses the health effects of food insecurity in her patients.

A pediatrician at St. Paul Children’s Foundation, which also provides families in need with a food pantry, she sees the health issues that result from hunger.

Food insecurity causes a number of health problems in children and adults. By helping those in need find nourishing food, the Smith County Food Security Council helps its neighbors and the community as a whole.

In 2018, St. Paul Children's Foundation brought together leaders from across our community to form the Smith County Food Security Council.  Our coalition represents non-profits,  healthcare organizations, schools, churches, public health, farmers, and businesses working together to end hunger in our community.

When people are well fed, they have less health issues and place less burden on our strained healthcare system.

When people are well nourished, they perform better in school, at their jobs, and in the community.

We share core values that keep us grounded, motivated, and driven to create solutions of enduring value


All community members should be served through the coalition, with particular focus on disproportionately impacted groups.


All community members should have access to healthy foods.


We will strive to utilize existing programs and resources and seek ways to divert food waste in our community.

Do these values
resonate with you?

It’s time to make a change to the way we help our neighbors.

Our team brings together areas of expertise from healthcare, non-profits, social services, education, government, faith-based organizations, public health, business, and agriculture so we can develop multi-sector solutions to end food insecurity in Smith County.

Join us to eradicate hunger in our community.

Here’s how we can make a real difference in our community

Our organization’s structure, processes, and vision are what help us to make lasting change to end hunger in Smith County.

Multi-sector solutions: From healthcare to education and beyond, we collaborate with many thought leaders and organizations in our community to develop actionable tactics to reduce hunger.

Specialize in ending hunger through 4 key Workgroups: Our areas of focus are Children and Schools, Healthcare, Urban Agriculture, and Community and Faith-Based Engagement.

Comprehensive view of the problem: We look at the bigger picture. Helping to feed your hungry neighbors improves our community, economy, and healthcare system as a whole.

Involving people at all levels of participation: No matter how much time you can dedicate, we offer ways you can help your neighbors. From one hour a month to several days a year, there is a way everybody can get involved.

Educating and removing assumptions about hunger: We teach the effects of food insecurity so everyone is aware of the greater repercussions. From diabetes to depression and beyond, hunger affects how people function in our community.

In Collaboration With

No matter how much time you have to spare, you can help end hunger in Smith County now

All it takes is a willingness to help your neighbors.