You can pick up a copy at St. Paul Children's Clinic (1350 E. Richards Street Tyler, TX 75702) or contact the Smith County Food Security Council to request copies for distribution. This guide can be used by individuals or organizations such as churches, schools, and food pantries looking to increase access to fresh local produce.

The Smith County Food Security Council's Urban Agriculture Workgroup has compiled a list of local farmers and farmer's markets. Our hope is that it will help connect community members to locally grown food that is nutritious and affordable.

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Follow the link to see what great things this organization is doing in Boulder to provide gardening education and feed the food insecure in the community.

When we feed our neighbors, we nourish the entire community

Did you know that helping feed just 1 family affects everyone in Smith County? When we end food insecurity, we remove the burden on our healthcare system and improve the local economy.
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