Partners in Health, the healthcare-food bank partnership launched in 2018 but the East Texas Food Bank, is growing! The program which started at St. Paul Children's Foundation has now expanded to the UT Health East Texas North Tyler Pediatric Clinic. Participating clinics screen patients for food insecurity using the Hunger Vital Sign. Food insecure families can then enroll in the program where they recieve 12 weeks of healthy foods, nutrition education, and referrals to federal nutrition programs. This powerful program can reduce hunger and improve health for families in our community. To lear more about Partners in Health, contact one of the SCFSC Healthcare workgroup chairs or join our next Healthcare workgroup meeting.

UT Health East Texas' North Tyler Pediatric Clinic recently joined the Partners in Health team helping their patients address food insecurity and improve their health.

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Smith County Food Security Council Founder and Chair Dr. Valerie Smith was honored with the Northeast Texas Public Health District's 2019 W.T. Doc Ballard Award for Excellence in Public Health.

The East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) announces the launch of their new Partners in Health Program. The Partners in Health Program developed in collaboration with St. Paul Children?s Medical Clinic and UT Health Northeast addresses food insecurity, a major ...

When we feed our neighbors, we nourish the entire community

Did you know that helping feed just 1 family affects everyone in Smith County? When we end food insecurity, we remove the burden on our healthcare system and improve the local economy.
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