Tyler nurse Celeste Fisher grew up eating one meal a day because her family could not afford to buy food. Her dad usually got the most to eat because he worked a manual labor job and needed the energy. “It wasn’t until the fifth-grade year that I realized breakfast and lunch were normal parts of the day,” she said. “I got those at school, but in the summer we had supper only.”

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The Smith County Food Security Council and other local organizations participated in the Episcopal Health Foundation Facilitation Training. Participants learned how to utilize liberating structures to facilitate meetings that provide inclusiveness and equity. We also engaged in learning and skill-building activities to lead more effective and efficient meetings.

Our Partners in Health team shared the goal of increasing Food Insecurity screening and connecting patients to food resources in the East Texas community. Attendees learned how the partnership was developed, early results, lessons learned, and plans to extend the program, focusing on how other communities might develop similar programs. Please click on the link below for more information about the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty.

When we feed our neighbors, we nourish the entire community

Did you know that helping feed just 1 family affects everyone in Smith County? When we end food insecurity, we remove the burden on our healthcare system and improve the local economy.
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